When you need: "MIDWESTERN REAL WITH A BARITONE FEEL." (Like a '77 DeVille) When you seek: "SOOTHING AND STRONG" (Like a VO Hot Toddy) When you want: "PLEASANT and PRESENT" (without the Weak in the Speak) BRYAN CARMODY

Bryan Carmody is am a full time Voice Actor and professionally trained Theater, Film Actor. Natural, Confident, Authoritative, Sophisticated, Intelligent, Storyteller, Knowledgeable, Deep, Warm, Clear, Professional, Instructive, Corporate, Kind, Funny and Midwestern. Or Kind of Funny Midwestern (If you need:) Clients have indicated to them that Success is CONNECTION to the audience - to cut through the noise of our impenetrable, busy and impatient lives to bring the message to their audience.


Carmody's goal is complete and guaranteed achievement of that Connection with every type of copy style message or campaign. Armed with a cutting edge state of the art broadcast quality private studio, the ability to record and QUICKLY produce ready to air spots is what a Full Time Voice Professional brings. All auditions are not just for the sound and tone to determine if he's the best fit for your project but also a sample of professional grade production capabilities. You get the full package.


Bryan also brings a unique value proposition in the "Financial, Technical and Healthcare" arena due to a former 20 plus years in C-Level Corporate Business Development and Marketing in the Finance, Technology and Healthcare markets - He knows your audience because he was the audience so combined with the Artistic elements brings a unique clarity to communicate technically difficult language and business concepts He also has been told he's great at getting those disclaimers in without time warping intervention which always adds a level of credibility to any spot. And as a Father to a young daughter named Claire he a lot of practice that requires being both soothing yet authoritative in real time.


Bryan comes with a full guarantee of his work . And most importantly - with any client - he's never only hired once.

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