Here  is some of my most recent work.  I'm constantly amazed at the quality  and diversity of projects I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity be part of.  This page will be updated frequently.  I encourage you to check out the website of some of these creatives as they are incredible professionals.


"Shockwave" The First of the French Road Safety PSA's

Directed by Bruno Avellian - Winner of (5) Bronze Cannes Lion Awards

"Friendly Competition" Magna Red Arrows by Carbon Express

Makes your broadheads shoot like field points

"Shockwave" "The Known Road" Second in the Series of French Road Safety PSA

Directed by Bruno Avellian

"Bring it Home Chicago" Wintrust :30TV

Wintrust Produced this first TV spot with NBC - it ran in heavy rotation in the 2016 Olympics

"Shockwave" "Pushing the Limits"

The Third in the French Road Safety PSA Series Directed By Bruno Avellian

"Our Design" - Business Brand Explainer Video Produced by SwellTV

Shockwave: "The Last Class"

The Fourth in the French Road Safety PSA series Directed by Bruno Avellian

"Altus BlueForce" - Business Product Explainer for Tactical Law Enforcement

Shockwave "The Last Drink"

The Final in the French Road Safety Series Directed by Bruno Avellian

UP Health - Brand Enhancing for Michigan's Upper Pennisula Health System

Produced by Daniel Lawrency and Josh LeClair (

"Are You Ready" Brand Voice for ECPI Radio and Television

Produced by BroadScope Media for ECPI University - Noah Percy Hal Dowdy Cinematography, Grant Rutledge Sound Design Bryan Carmody VO.

"Envestnet" Business Case Study

Produced by Artifice Films, Brad Cheshire, Cinematoghapher

"Kuwait Oil Company - New Explorations" Documentary

Kuwait Oil Company - produced by Moving Blue Productions (

"Do More with Less" Product Commercial

Genuity Draughtguard Hybrids

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PRODUCER - EON Dental Clinics
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BRAND VOICE Credible Caring - RUSH University Medical Center
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BRAND VOICE - Relatable Announcer - Genuity Draughtgaurd Hybrids
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BRAND VOICE Enthusiastic Relatable - Culinary Institute of Virginia
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BRAND VOICE Podcast Intro - First Presbyterian Church
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